Student academic / exam performance in Parent login. Performance comparison across Sessions student / subject / aggregate. Leave Applications for Student and Staff integrated with approval system. Highest Security on each Forms and Reports.

Student, Attendence and Exams

Complete Student Profile / Dossier. Student billing, having summary of transactions from Fees, Inventory, etc. Class/section-wise, Category-wise, Gender-wise reports. Student and Staff Attendance Marking. Calculating salary for Employee.

Fees Collections and Reporting

Fee Receipt through ECS (Electronic Clearing System). Customized Fee Structure.Fees Intimation and Reminder Letters.Fees Receipts, Registers, Fine Calculations. Integration with Accounts. SMS to Parents for Pending Fees. Bulk Printing of Fee Receipts.

Staff, Payroll, Taxation and Loan

User configurable Allowances, Deductions and Salary Statements. Pay Slips and Salary Disbursement. PF Challan and Statement. Loans and advances. Integration with Accounts. Pay slips for every employee in there logins.

Accounting and Inventory

Integrated with other Modules such as fees, library, front office, canteen, inventory, admission, etc.User Friendly and developed on the lines of Tally Software.Back Tracking from Balance Sheet to Voucher Level. MIS Reports like Balance Sheet and Income Expense Statement. Bank Reconciliation.

Transport Management, Library and Hostel

Lisy all the bus route and pickup points. Maintain fees details and maintenance cost of transport. Library Management using DDC and departmental libraries. Reports: Library Card, Over dues, Defaulters. Separate Hostel for Boys & Girls. Room Allotment, Room transfer & Room Exit Activities should be available.

About EIMS

What's EIMS?

“EIMS” Educational Institution Management system is one of its kind that covers all the necessities of the institution. Here is the list of some prime modules provided in the system:


Our products help teams of all sizes track and share everything, work smarter, and create better software together.
Some of the outline advantages of having technology on our campus are:

  • Efficient Management.
  • Available in three languages (Pashto, Dari & English)
  • All the information in the system is Accurate and transparent.
  • Reduces individual dependencies.
  • Keep the discipline and the rules intact in the institute.
  • Keep track record of every single movement in the institute.
  • Induces SMART Working.
  • Improves connectivity, Send regular updates to parents
  • Saves Time, Reduces Stationary cost, and Maximizes resource utilization capabilities.


Some More Attributes and Features of the system.
Here Is List of the base modules provided in the system:

  • Base Modules
  • •  Administration
  • •  Enquire And Admission
  • •  Student, Attendance and Exams
  • •  Fees Collections and Reporting
  • •  Assignment, Tutorial and Centralizes Study Material
  • •  Human Resource Management
  • • Staff
  • •  Payroll , Taxation and Loan
  • •  Accounting And Inventory
  • •  Transport management, Fees and Maintenance
  • •  Internal Mailing System and SMS services
  • •  Backup and Import/ Export Services.
  • •  Library
  • •  Hostel
  • Download Brochure
  • Silent Featues
  • In the system all the data is centralized and certain authorized information is available to respective users.
  • Parents can access to all the information related to there children using there mobile phones. Thus we increase the transparency and put the parent at a ease to access the needful details without any delay or any telephonic or travel expense.
  • Teachers and other employees can upload the data from there homes as well thus we don’t miss any regular updates on eve the busy days of the schools.
  • The Management can access to all the reports related to the accounts, student performance and all the data available in the system. This provides them the winning edge on there institute performance.
  • * (Please refer the demo for complete understanding of the centralization concept. )
  • Software Demo

EIMS's Demo

Below are the given snapshots of EIMS's for live Demo please click on link.

  • Title
  • Title
  • Title
  • Title
  • Title
  • Title
  • Title
  • Title


Benefits Enjoyed By the Institution

  • Indirect Benefits
  • •   Save time
  • •   Makes a paperless office
  • •   Data is organized and easy to access and 100% authentic with every particular detail.
  • •   Making the governance stronger.
  • •   Costing by reducing human resource expenses.
  • •   Reduces the stationary expenses.

  • The most valuable part is the institute gets a highly reliable and efficient system for free which on the contrary reduces cost and also generate REVENUE for the institution.


We believe in what we do. We believe our relationships should be genuine. We want every customer and every employee to feel valued.

We have been able to develop a long term relationship with the clients by our quality services, who by their repeat orders contribute to our revenues. We see what can be done to optimize and streamline what you already have by delivering mission critical and cost effective solution which are practically innovative for your enterprise. Given a chance to serve your organization, we can, with our innovative ideas & practical innovation, design, build and integrate all the best of the technologies to help you achieve your business goals.

With our wide range of services we have always been able to satisfy our clients’ needs. Even before thinking of a technology, we collaborate with our clients and recommend them with just the right solutions to give them better and faster results for their organization’s success.

Meet the Clients

Meet our clients who are using our EIMS Software System.

What We Charge?

The “WeSoft EIMS” System is completely FREE for the schools, Universities and Institutes. On the contrary the system generates a new stream of REVENUE for the Institutes.

Now how does this works?

  • We Charge 25000 Afghanis only one time Institute Admission Fees to the system at first.
  • We charge 250 Afghanis to every student per year in the plan under technical charges .
  • With this the school can put the technical charges to the amount they decide and can keep the remaining surplus with the institution.


Say we have 500 students in our school and the school is charging per student 250 Afghanis per year under the technical charges section. Out of which 105 Afghanis is the straight surplus to the school. So the math's is : 105*500= 52500 Afghanis net revenue of the institution without any investment and work load. On the contrary the school gets a highly efficient software and can also enjoy the indirect benefits of the software

On the other hand parents are happy to give this charges as its saves them lots of time and telephonic and travelling expenses as they can simply login from there cell phone and access all the records related to there children on the go.

School Students Packages

  • Silver
  • From 1-600 Students
  • •  Training Seminars -                                FREE
  • •  24/7 Email and Telephone Help Desk -  FREE
  • •  System Troubleshoot and support -       FREE
  • •  Per Student -                              250 AFN YEARLY
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  • Platinium
  • From 1251-5000 Students
  • •  Training Seminars -                               FREE
  • •  24/7 Email and Telephone Help Desk - FREE
  • •  System Troubleshoot and support -      FREE
  • •  Per Student -                              150 AFN YEARLY
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